London Songs

From London Pride to Waterloo Sunset

Sing for Joy Bloomsbury performs “London Songs” on Wednesday 9th October, 5.45pm to 8.00pm. Refreshments will be provided. There is no charge for entry, but please give generously.

The events will take place at the Chapel at National Hospital, Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG. Nearest tube, Russell Square (Picadilly Line).

Garden Party for Sing For Joy Choir

A garden party and fund-raiser will be held for Sing For Joy Choir on Sunday 30th June. If it rains, we shall move into the house!

If you would like to come, let us know at choirsingforjoy@gmail.com

The garden party will be held on Sunday 30th June, 3-6 p.m at 30 Bramshill Gardens, London NW5 1JH. Entry is £10 - with concessions for groups and under 16s.

Free food, buy your own drinks!

Download Garden Party Flyer.

Thank You For The Music

Article by Amanda Riley-Jones

We all know that belting our a song can make us feel happy. But it can also prevent asthma attacks, help after a stroke – even make childbirth pleasurable.

In 2005 when multiple sclerosis sufferer Sarah Beaton joined London's Sing for Joy community choir, her voice was very shaky and it often cracked. MS attacks the protective coating on nerve fibres, in many cases causing speech problems.

“Losing your voice is very frightening and isolating, especially for a chatterbox like me,” explains Sarah, 63. But after eight years with the choir – started by the renowned jazz singer Carol Grimes to help people with neurological conditions – her voice is now much more resonant, thanks to weekly rehearsals and being taught to breathe correctly…

Read the full article, Thank you For The Music (pdf)

Sing Along With Sing For Joy

Sunday 4th November, 2.30 - 5.30pm

See for yourself how singing with others can help your voice, breathing, posture and mood! We sing everything! Jazz, folk, gospel, pop and show songs.

The Sing Along takes place at the Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust, 17 Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LT. Central or Piccadilly Lines to Holborn or the Piccadilly Line to Covent Garden. Entry £8. Cake and drinks included.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your state of health or voice or age! No auditions, no reading music!

About Sing For Joy

Sing for Joy is a community choir for people with Parkinson's Disease and similar conditions, their friends and carers.

We are all sorts of ages, types and genders. All that we have in common is that we have an illness, or care for someone with an illness, and that singing with others makes us feel better.

Singing for Joy helps us breathe deeper, speak more loudly and clearly, and feel happier and less alone.

We meet once a week in Kentish Town and Bloomsbury, London. To find our more about us, please read on.

Parkinson's choir sings at St Pancras station

For pictures of the event click here.

News video on BBC London about the event as St Pancras Station. Click here.

Life Is For Living

There really is joy in being part of the choir!

Debbie Ensor was diagnosed with MS 35 years ago. She lives in north London and teaches yoga. She was an active member of the Yoga for Health Foundation at Ickwell Bury, helping with the MS intensive courses.

I have never had a loud voice, but after so many years with MS it is not as loud or clear as it once was. This had become a problem for me when teaching yoga and was also difficult on the phone. So how wonderful it would be if I could improve my voice through singing.

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Parkinson’s sufferers are in full voice!

Woman diagnosed with degenerative disease believes collective singing helps fight condition

Since Nina Temple was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease seven years ago her whole life has been turned on its head. At 52 most of her life has been focused on an endeavour to change the world rather than the metaphysical pursuit of developing the self.

The founder of Sing For Joy, a choir of people with chronic degenerative diseases, Ms Temple is playing a pivotal role in research aimed at proving the benefits of collective singing.

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Singing is the Perfect Tonic

A small, spirited figure stands in the middle of the semi circle of seated people. She lifts her arms and with great energy sings out a single word: "Freeeeeeee…" Her rich voice fills the brightly-lit room.

She lifts her arms again and 20 voices sing back, “…like a river!” These voices are thinner; some tremble, a couple growl along below the general pitch.

However, as the call and response continue the voices get clearer and stronger and more tuneful. This is the Sing For Joy choir, just warming up...

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Music a 'mega-vitamin' for the brain

When Nina Temple was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2000, then aged 44, she quickly became depressed, barely venturing out of her house as she struggled to come to terms with living with the chronic condition.

"I was thinking of all the things which I wished I'd done with my life and I wouldn't be able to do. And then I started thinking about all the things that I still actually could do and singing was one of those," Temple told CNN...

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Choir Paper

Sing for Joy: making the best of chronic and degenerative illnesses through voice work and becoming part of a new singing community.

by Wendy L. Magee, Nina Temple, Carol Grimes & Sarah Benson

To download the Choir Paper, please click here. Please note that the Choir Paper may open in a new window or tab. The Choir Paper is in pdf format.

Find our more about Sing for Joy, please click here.