A Garden for my health, heart & mind. Part 1. The back garden!

Spring 2010 A garden begins! Weeds, Brambles, concrete & broken fences. Railway Sleepers. Whiskey Barrels and A bird Feeder.
Clem Craig – pond & bricks & digging
Clem, born the same year as my Daughter Kasia 1987

Blimey! Laying out begins, working around the concrete, it costs a fortune to dig up and remove, front and back, so I had to work around it. Good for Sheds though, nice firm standing.

Ready for herbs and vegetables.

The Pond!
Above The Little Silver Birch Planted, next to a little Pond, in Memory of the Avenue of Birches planted on the South Bank leading up to Tate Modern. Below and up popped Jane! xx A Rockery in the corner, raised beds for veg and herbs, old Whisky Barrels to collect the rain, covering most of the concrete with stones, it sounds like walking on a beach.
Sheds and Flower Beds. Pots and Trees.
Jane in the new garden. Still very overlooked from every angle.

Above. Picking first crops. Below- Sheds going in, Wildflowers, a Twisted Hazel from my rooftop Garden in Deptford Southeast London. Planted a Fig Tree and vegetables, filled my old sinks with loverly herbs, they had travelled from Camden to Deptford and then down to Folkestone.

Jane & my Little Nut Tree from my roof garden in Deptford.
Let the Spring & Summer days begin.
Part 2 will be the side return which has little sunlight.
Part 3 The front. South facing but I live in a road with tall and mature trees, lucky me, but they block a lot of sunlight when in leaf. And like the back, concrete.

Water Butts – 3 whiskey barrels

A song to play whilst looking? Photo of Kasia Hrybowicz Sheila Burnett


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