A few lovely corners in my garden, with cats, critters, friends and family.

If you look, you will spot loverly people in my Garden. xx
Nodding Bird
A dingley Dell.
And you may find Rusty Angels & strange creatures. Jane looking for herbs. Ray Charles in The Shed.
Honest Annie, the Fish was that big!
Pip Annie Me & Carol Paul xx
I love my Succulents.
Swamped in Fennel, gorgeous.
A Summer Gathering 2011 – what were we looking at?
Sarah Craig Mother of Clem who helped me with the physical digging which following back surgery, I could not do. And Debbie and Andrew Pegram.
Me and my niece Sacha.
Mingus and Ray Charles in my shed.
A gallery with Sarah, Karen, Sacha, Mark Hewins, Alex Maguire & Annie Catford in the reading writing drinking wine or coffee shed.
Blooms I adore..
Gatherings and Blooms with Jenny and me & Mark Jennet.
Kasia Karen Mark Matharu, Didi Hopkins Michael & Sooty Kemp
Howard and Jennifer in The Shed
Bean Lucy Helen Lindon and Sharon in the Shed
Seagull & The Girl with the pearl earring, Jane foraging and bulbs a’ budding.


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