The Singers Tale – I believe in us.

I   b e l i e v e in us.


I believe in us.
In you and me because
– if I do not believe, what is there?
I believe in you and me – the human race
Because I need to understand who are we? Why are we?

Our History, circle over circle over years
Survival by the sword, the gun the bomb
How long can I believe in us in you and me, how long?

As we sing a million people die
As we eat a million people starve
As we sleep a million people lie in the street, no homes Where is the loving and living in that?

I want to believe in us, in you and me
What do we tell our children of how the west was won?
Why is the earth red with blood, bitter stories still unspoken?

I want to believe.
I believe in the earth in the rivers and the trees
I believe in love, the breath of a child on my cheek, a lovers smile
I believe in hope and you and me the human race.

Wars are fought in the name of God
We die in the name of God.
I want to believe in the human race, in you and me. 

I believe in us.

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