The Singers Tale

: Eleto Jazz Room, Folkestone

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What a fantastic evening with Carol Grimes and her brilliant trio at Eleto Jazz Room, Folkestone. Carol’s reflections on life, her humour, pathos, stories of love, friendship and the bond with her children, as woman and mother, were all there in the narrative and in the songs. It was true musical talent in a performance which was more cabaret than gig and all the better for it. 5 out of 5 stars! I resonate with her comment that in life we are told we are ‘too young for this’ or ‘too old for that’. Society is beginning to accept the flaws of the past in terms of sexism. What it really needs to tackle next is ageism and in Carol Grimes there’s an example that gender and age hold no boundaries. She’s ‘Can Do’ and sometimes ‘F**k You!’ when it comes to society’s per-conceptions. I do urge you to read Carol’s book, The Singer’s Tale, I found it a page turner. I feel blessed that we have such people in this town of Folkestone and venues to accommodate them. So thanks to Carol Grimes & her trio, the team at Eleto and to Maiuko Fi for organising this event on International Women’s day. Oh, and especially to my friend Richard Bundy for being the ‘token gal’ in the band tonight. At least Richard you can honestly say that feeling sick wasn’t down to ‘man flu’!
Review by Trevor Moss



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