#The Singers Tale. Homes. Bethnal Green London E2. 1978 – 1992. + a track. Sing Voices.

Below- a track to listen to whilst scrolling down. Mainly pics. I lived in Bishops Way Bethnal Green for 14/5 years, the longest, so far, that I have lived anywhere. Fond memories. Sad that I left…. But hey, no regrets, or so some people will say.

Romney Marsh recording. Common Ground. More information at the end.

Photos by Jo Nelson during recordings on Romney Marsh

Various events, during my early days in Bethnal Green. I was living in the Grand Union Housing Co-Op. When we moved there from The Grove. out to the east, along the Central Line, from Notting Hill Gate to Bethnal Green. Ther Co-op then, in 1978 was in the Short Life stage of negotiations, up from squatting, but still not a safe long term prospect. However the Co – op won and the houses were saved as a fully mutual Housing co -op

Strike protest at closure of Bethnal Green Hospital, London 1978

105 Bishops Way wearing my Polish coat, with Peter Browne.

Below Playing on The Pyramid stage at Glastonbury 1976. Shelly Morris. Dave Vasco. RIP. A gorgeous and talented man. Passed far too young.

My 2nd plant growing on a small balcony in Bethnal Green. Room enough for a few pots and a 2 small chairs. A tiny spot but I loved it. My first was on 2 window sills in All Saints Road W2. So, an upgrade.

Little Sam & Ziggy RIP.1979

Sam and Ziggy above. Ziggy RIP. Below One early Christmas with friends and Larry, Sam’s Father. RIP.

1st recordings in Bethnal Green. We came back from a year in Texas. Happy to be back living in 105.

Above I recorded this single with the Blockheads. Minus Ian Drury who was recording in Jamaica at the time.

Roger Dyan and me singing for Benefits. Various!

Dyan RIP. So, so very hard to imaging no Dyan here.

Below. Me with Shelly Morris wearing Hats. This Hat came down to Folkestone with me and sits on the head of Andy Elliot because some arse nicked his black Hat so I gave him mine. I still have the spotty scarf.

Recorded In Sweden.

Dressing room in Stockholm post gig.

My Black Hat.

Below. Singing underneath Lions in Trafalgar Square London. 1982

Sam with his Band Filth. Rehearsing in his room.

Some more of the events, gigs, benefits and recordings when living in Bethnal Green.

Places I spent time in, loved and miss to this day.

Lipstick & Lights, a show with Didi Hopkins & Eyes wide open, at The Drill Hall Arts Centre London. My first show with my own songs, poems and script.

Various rehearsals in my room at 105 Bishops Way.

Musicians I worked with played with and some became great friends with and some have passed.

Below Tony Hicks, drummer. RIP

Sweet FA recorded in Sweden

More events 1980s into 1990s while in Bethnal Green

Together with a friend known as Tall Paul, we ran a weekly music club above the Approach Tavern run by dear Harry King on Approach Road around the corner. Fun nights, and I got to book some wonderful Music over the years we ran these weekly nights. Upstairs at Harry’s. Below Harry King with the children. Dear Harry. RIP. A sweet, kind and funny man. He is so missed on this earth.

I was able to book Jo Ann Kelly, a women who had inspired me way back when I was bumming around West London. First Earls Court then Chelsea and then a blur of sofa surfing and a period of rough sleeping. RIP. She died so young: heartbreaking.

Some more of the CDs and singles! recorded whilst living in Bethnal Green.

Recorded with Ronnie at his then Farm in Wales. Rip. Loved Ronnie.

Carol and The Crocodiles recorded in London

The Crocodiles and some Guest Stars

Eyes wide open and Why don’t they dance? Recorded in London

Daydreams and Danger. Recorded live at The Drill Hall Arts Centre London

First recordings with Ian Shaw, Lazy blue eyes, actually recorded in 105 Bishops Way.

Some more of the wonderful Musicians I sang with during the late 1970s into the early 1990s. Here with me are Angele Veltmeyer, Jose Cupido and Gail Anne Dorsey.

Me & Dyan Birch. xxxx

Below. Sami el Salahi. We worked on many projects together. Including My favourite Crocodiles line up with Llew Gittens on Drums..

Various Hats! I have always loved a hat and a striped T Shirt!

Some more events and recordings whilst living in Bethnal Green

Sam doing his Mates Advert for Virgin Condoms

July 1987. Kasia Rose arrives! Jane and Llew Gittens with their beautiful boys, the day we bought her home.

Below. A wedding in 1987 married at Bow Registry Office. Back to 105. Kasia was 3 weeks old. I had made a buffet before the wedding, fed Kasia …I was pretty tired but I put my face on.

Gatherings at 105