The singers tale – Lush Life -counting some blessings.

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London Tales Folkestone Skies & Seas. These are a few of my favourite things. June 2018, attempting to make sense of the Past the Future and Now! & Love. With a song attached, Lush Life.

All the snaps me (c.g.) unless otherwise.

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Watching the sea roll and the birds on the wing –

taking that moment to breathe and then sing.

Clouds, any season in winter or spring –

these are a few of my – Oh Yes … Favourite things.

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Photo Sheila Burnette, me and Llew Gittens x

Hot, crispy potatoes and fresh picked green salad

Nat King Cole singing a sensual Ballad – ‘Nature Boy.’

Mingus in my shed – and my Cats on my bed  –

Miles Davis All Blues, and Thelonious Monk

& Louis & Ella .. simply the best.

These are a few of my favourite things.


My beloved Louis and Ella

Poppies and Puppies and Wild Flower Posies

Glasses of wine and sand under my toes is – Mmm

Even the rain on my head in a wood –

these are the things that will make me feel good –

-so good

When the Blues comes when the Pain thrums – when I’m feeling sad.

I try to remember my favourite things, and then I don’t feel so bad.


I love Rabbits and Chickens and Hares in the meadow.

Moonbeams and Train Rides and not having a care.

So – Cherish my moments don’t look under the stones

Take pleasure in life and take pleasure in Home


Friendship to me is worth more than a fortune

Life is so short I could be fleeing the nest soon –


Depart- So- banish bad thoughts and hold tight to my love –

bad thoughts when they come, they invade,

they swallow me whole.

Squeeze me, please me, don’t dis-ease me,

go easy on my heart

I love trees and Bees and Wild Flower meadows,

Eric and Ernie and

evening shadows – Carrots and Garlic –



Top Cat and my Cats and Radio moments.

Brewing a coffee, first thing when I  wake up.

Marmite on hot toast  – salt on my tongue.

Rosemary for remembrance and Roses for Love.


I love London and Lilac and long double Rainbows

Gardens and friendship, and watching the wind blow walking on cliff tops –

shorelines by the sea – old city streets hold adventures for me

2013-03-28 20.57.37.jpg

My first Garden


Rosemary for remembrance and Roses for Love.

Love for my family and friends – all those  I love: deeply.

2013-08-26 19.37.11.jpg

Attempting to count my blessings. xx


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