The Singers Tale. saying goodbye to Arike.1.

July 3rd 2020. A day to say goodbye.

On Friday we gathered for Arike, my first time out with lots of people, since lock down in March. Overwhelming, poignant and beautiful. The sun shone, the sea sparkled, the wind blew, the skies were heavenly and I am so happy the rains stayed away for Leah and Arike.

The sea, sky, wind and gathering. For Arike and his family.

Below a clip from Annie Catford.

My sanctuary has been my little patch on Earth. My first Garden.

Below are my blooms and little crops. The first time I have planted Radish. I had no idea they sprouted such pretty flowers, creamy and Pink. My friend Gavrielle came, musician and geologist. We were joined by a Butterfly who fluttered around us for an hour. I loved picking up flotsam and jetsam as I walked through my life. Nature’s gifts. She read me the history of some of my beloved slices of slate and some stones….
I had a lecture on that which has enchanted me for a lifetime. Gave me an idea of how wonderful it would have been to have the experience of studying. I left school in 1959 at the age of 15. No college days for me.. A life learning on the hoof. And you never stop learning if you are curious and let it in. My one little Lime is still growing.

Ray Charles & Charles Mingus are still in the shed.

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