The Singers tale Creativity & ageing – Writing-A song a Lyric & a track.

My Belt . Crockett & Nashville + a track below. Hi Hill Country Rain.

I have always loved the ordinary things, finding beauty in them. Things like string, safety pins and a belt to keep your jeans and skirts from falling down. 

I lived in this Shack on  the  River and over the railway tracks in The Bay area  Crockett, California. (Sugar Town) C And H Pure Cane Sugar. Drinks in Club Tac slipping down the slope, over the tracks, watch for the trains!



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 Kenny Buttery Drums

Billy McClyn.


They hung Billy McClyn on the line

Hung him out to dry.

Billy with a grin

Laughing at the stars.

Howling when the moon was high.

Clinging on to the edge of the sun.

Just out of reach of the fire.

They hung him on the line, hung him out to dry.

Hung him on the old high wire.


Billy with a gun. Billy on the run. 

Billy was a friend of mine. He was a friend of mine.


Billy  hung with Chapters of Angels.

He hung with beats in the bay

Jack Daniels took him through the night. & a six pack of  Bud for the day.

Steering his old Chevy with one hand.

Rolling skinny reefers with the other.

Wearing black T, blue  jeans, bandana.

Hey…. Cowboy boots and a smile.?


 Billy with a gun, Billy on the run. 

Billy was a friend of mine. He was a friend of mine.


He knew all of the hell holes.

Mad bad guys were his friends.

Each day was a miracle of odds against, fighting the expected ends.

His voice was like a chainsaw.

In The Redwoods on the coast road.  

His face was old before his time.?

He’s gone, but I can see him grinning ?

And hanging out to dry?

Billy with a gun, Billy on the run 

Billy was a friend of mine. Was a friend of mine


He and ma took the boy to a movie

A kids cartoon, my hat

Sex and drugs and rock and roll

They were digging Fritz the Cat.

Mama cooking speed for dollars In a trailer park near Fresno.

Pa was gone before Billy was born.

An they hung young billy on the line

You’re not doing time you’re doing life my son.


Billy on the run

Billy with a gun.

Billy was a friend of mine.

Was friend of mine.


Billy said he would come to London

‘We’ll tie one on’ he said

‘We’ll eat steak and fries at The Dorchester.

‘Take tea with the rich and the dead.’ 

He said.

‘Drink Martinis  at The Ritz,’ he said, 

‘Drink shots in the Savoy.. 

We’ll show those fancy dandy boys

How Billy ain’t no boy, ….’

.. Inst. Billy… ?


‘Lets take a stroll down the Mall,’

 he said

‘Say howdy to the Queen .

Ride a Roller down to Brighton cock a finger for our dreams.’

But Billy took the fast road. Overtook me on the curve.

Billy died at 29

Gone out to find the sun? 

Spinning out before his time.

Billy on the run

Billy with a gun

Billy was a friend of mine.


 He didn’t get to London 

He didn’t see the Queen

Didn’t wear a white Tuxedo In a casino in park lane.

Billy on the run, Billy with a gun

Billy with a gun, Billy on the run

Tommy Codbill Bass

Rehearsing in Nashville.

Rocking on the Porch

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