Family & Beloveds

Being 75 in Wales with Kasia & Harvey

With my phone, I recorded the little Bay. The waves and the breeze, I wish I could have recorded the smells-seaweed & salt water, Yellow Gorse and Green grass, delicious. Precious times with my daughter. More adventures to come. xx

As Kasia and I walked together along the deserted Beach, we noticed a man sitting tucked into the rocks at the dunes edge, where sand and grass gave way to beach and rock pools. His hair was wild, grey, white, a halo or a wire brush.
A straggled beard almost covered his upper chest. His bags and a rucksack beside him.
On our way back along the shoreline, he wandered towards us. ‘I’m from here’ he said, ‘Been away and now I’m back.’ ‘In time for the Summer,’ I said.
A low and deeply scratched laugh, ‘Maybe?’ He said. ”I’ve been away a long time.’

Grand Bridges, steel and stone, the wild tides, known as ‘The Swellies’ under The Menai Suspension Bridge and The Brittania Bridge, Llangwyfan- The Isle of Anglesey. The road to Holyhead and on and over to Ireland.

On the Menai Straights

A Balti in Bangor, properly cooked in a Bucket

In Conwy with Kasia. Beautiful Pier. Ancient Castle and a Dog friendly Pub.

The end.


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