The Singers Tale- Writing – Lyrics. Blue Monk.

Blue Monk Thelonious Monk ©

A photo of Monk’s Hands by John Hoppy Hopkins.

My words to The Thelonious Monk tune, Blue Monk ©

Feeling complete – watching my feet

-walking down the Milky Way.

Only in dreams – such wonderful scenes –

-impossible to stay away.

It takes some doing- but – listening to Monk’s the way.

Flying out to join the rhy- thm.

Taking a note – exploring a chord –

improvise’s the game to play.

His fingers flying-

Laying out a rug for magic – dancing.


Sliding on stones –

Enjoying my bones, only angels sing in space

Taking a dive – but staying alive –

 checking out the other place

On arrival- it takes a while to step inside-

Join your heart and voice and sing it.

Tripping on keys – notes cascade –

flying around my head.


Above- my room, with a Monk Painting and above the Piano,

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