The Singers Tale- Recordings – ‘I’m Scared.’©

from Daydreams and Danger.The Drill Hall London. 1985

Photo above Kasia Rose Hrybowicz

‘I’m scared.’ ©
2 Versions,1 live & 1 Studio

Daydreams and Danger. Live At The Drill Hall London

Verse 1

It’s not that I’m scared

Yes I am, I won’t lie

Every time I leave my room

Something makes me cry inside

But how can you live a life without love because you’re afraid of losing

Not sleeping for fear of dreaming

That’s not the way to live.

verse 2

It’s not that I’m afraid

Yes I am I won’t lie

I long to be a braver soul, fire in my eyes  you’d see

But how can you love,

yet keep hold of your feelings obsession and confusion?

 Jealousy is grieving, that’s not the way to live.

verse 3

In my school days  learning days  growing days

I saw all the subtle ways life could make you feel bad

But in these days,  new ways, 

can you amaze me with all the other ways

life could make you feel good?

Don’t want to be scared.

Lazy Blue Eyes. CD Ian Shaw’s gorgeous version.

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