The Singers Tale- Writing – Skin side out. Mental Health. Loneliness? Solitude? Part 3 ©

On the skin, human skin. A Poem to Music.

Photo Carol Grimes


Skin- side Out © My POem set to sounds and music with Mark Hewins

Skin- side out

Shssssss don’t look …… 

Inside out, the skin is inside out.

Outside the skin are other eyes,

see those eyes, see those eyes looking for the inside.

close the eyes, hide, hide from the eyes, on the outside looking in.

skin side out, the skin is inside out

Inside out, the skin is inside out.

outside is everything, outside is everyone,

outside is too hot, outside is too cold,

inside lies the unborn,

outside is dying. skin side out, the skin is inside out.

Outside in, you can impale a heart, break a heart.

outside confusion, hullabaloo out of you, out of mind, and out there.

inside lie shadows to hide in, inside out

Outside the skin is out there.,

outside the skin is out there. let me in.

I’m out here let me in, I’m out here. skin side out, the skin is inside out.

 Outside in, within the walls of skin and bone,

intestines coil and spit sits behind the teeth and lips, 

bile in the spleen squeezes in between the cracks on the scars on the skin 

inside it is warm, and red blood pumps life inside beating, beating.

Outside in lies the wind, a howl in the ears appearing to pierce the skin

drum the skin, inside in, the heat on concrete burns the skin

inside through a split in the face, I need ice to freeze the disease.

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