The Singers Tale. Creativity & ageing. A gig.

My name is Carol Grimes. I have been singing for my supper since the late 1960s, therefore I have more T Shirts than one woman could possibly need. I began as a nervous Busker and fell in love with singing.

Singer Songwriter, Performance Poet, Voice Movement Therapist and Musical Director.  I founded the Sing for Joy Choirs, for people with Neurological and other conditions and walked with them for many years. Over those many years I have recorded in the UK, USA, Sweden, The Isle of Jura and Poland.  I became an activist. The first Musician to step up for Rock against Racism and then against Sexism, Reclaim the night. I sang for the striking Miners and the Brunswick Women. I became angry, seeing injustice, poverty and cruelty all around me. I was nicknamed by some of my friends as Benefit Bertha. 

I have performed both in the UK and Internationally with my own Music and other Contemporary composers such as Orlando Gough, who directed The Shout and toured with that company for 12 years.  Including performing at the Proms as a soloist- Blimey! 

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