The Singers Tale GARDENS & THE NATURAL WORLD. Early Days Side return.

Folkestone Kent. Outside a kitchen window 2010 -2016

Part 2 Creativity & Ageing The Singers Tale, building a Garden. A side return. North facing, in shade most of the day. I grew a little woodland. Some of my pots from the roof top in Deptford came down to the seaside with me. Into the earth and weeeeeeee, off they went. Including a Christmas tree from 2011

Assembled, old sinks, pots, Kasia’s bike, plant stand – all ready to find a home. Pots of plants. Trellis, and rocks.
Above. Looking out of The Kitchen window, early days
Louis looking out. A favourite spot for Louis & Ella
Below. Looking out of the kitchen & bedroom windows in Winter and Spring Summer & Autumn.
Summer and a shady spot when its too hot.
Below looking out of my bedroom windows
Rainy days and my Moss was still there! Before a so called gardener, scraped it all up! 7 years of growth! DOH! Along with several plants he thought were weeds.
Above. My Bedroom.
2012/13/14/5/6/7/8/9 I love my shady green place.

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