The Singers Tale- Recordings. ‘Heart to Heart.’ ©

Heart to Heart . With a tale attached below,

Heart to Heart

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There are a billion stories….

tales you never hear.

young children sold as helpless brides..

slaves behind closed walls 

Heart to heart -hand to hand – eye to eye

we are our destiny. ——————


You …heart to heart.

every woman’s story…. heart to heart.


From the smallest dusty village

to a tenement in Rome

the hand that wipes the tears of children 

tell the greatest tale of all.

heart to heart, hand to hand, eye to eye

we are our destiny.


I added this next section for a performance.

From the cities and the townships

The deserts and the Plains

From the Coasts to the highest Mountains

Women are still fighting for the right to claim

Heart to heart hand to hand eye to eye.

The right to live in equality with men

The rape of war, no more

stoned to death no more

No cutting, slicing, blade and knife. No more

Sappho 570 BC

cg ©

A Story about heart to Heart.

Yes then I did two albums in the mid eighties/early 90’s  ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and ‘Why don’t they Dance?’  In the 2000’s I  had an album called Mother out…  and am in the middle of recording tracks for a new one. with my loverly Band with Doran Ford.  Fingers crossed. But it’s been sporadic.

   There was a guy looking after me who was also looking after Joe Strummer, a bit of an odd pair to manage some would say! We’d been on the same bill a few times,  politics, Rock against Racism, Poll Tax  so not as strange as it sounds.

  He, the manger chap, rang me up and said I’ve bad news/good news. What he had done was to submit, without asking, a song I had written it with my former partner Maciek Hrybowicz, to The Eurovision Song Contest!  It was a political feminist song, Heart to Heart, and then it was in the 10 songs to be televised for Public voting on the Wogan Show.  By then I was in my late thirties and gigging a lot in London and being part of mixed music and comedy bills. The GLC days…

   Someone in the Eurovision camp said ‘bloody hell, Carol Grimes, is she still around?’ I wasn’t even 40! They auditioned various singers, pretty young Blondes,  and they ended up with a woman from Bristol who I later found another strange connection with. Viv Stanshall’s  Moll The Cat Show .. She was a Lesbian with a fabulous singing voice, but less media friendly back then, than I would have been!

     We were invited to the transmission and met George Martin who was on the judging panel.  He had managed to swing my song in, but admitted afterwards we didn’t stand a chance in hell! It was a good song but certainly not  Eurovision. That was a big sign to me that if my name did come up it was with derision at my great age! I was gigging 4-5 nights a week! They can stop you being promoted but they cant stop you singing! 

So, ageist then!

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