Drive me crazy. From CD Why don’t they dance? 1989. Whilst living in Bethnal Green London E2.

Did you really mean it when you said that you wanted me to hang – around here?
I say – Have you lost your mind?
You always were the kind that wanted independence.
Usually, I say, oh no, and take off in the opposite direction.
But for you and no one else, I suppose I wanna make this one exception.
But the way you leave the kitchen in the morning is a mess.
You know, you’re lazy.
And I know within a week you’d find my love for getting drunk would drive you crazy.
Oh, but what the hell? I see your eyes and I can tell – you really love me?
Yea, it would be a sin to run away because I really want you.
Hold on –
Life don’t rush on – so fast.
I’m gone, before I make my mind up.

Concerning yesterday I feel I have to say –
thinking freedom is achieved by being on my own –
Is not always the answer.
Maybe we should just accept the consequence of love, and all those feelings.
Anyway, you make me laugh
And life’s no joke out there with all the dealings.
There’s just one thing I think I really ought to mention –
To tie you up or change my ways is not my intention
We don’t live in fantasies, this is life –
It’s bound to have its complications. But if you’re on, let’s take a dive.
No time, no time for hesitation.
Hold on –
Life don’t rush on so fast..
I’m gone – before I make my mind up.

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﹟CD Why don’t they dance? 1989

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