Writing Tracks The Singers Tale in Deptford SE8 London

My Garden on the roof on Deptford High Street, I loved it up there.

© BOOK Excerpt The Singers Tale October

‘Back from heat wave to heat wave in Germany to the same in London and my own secret garden in the sky looking at the Catholic School beside the railway station, Canary Wharf light wink, wink flashing behind it. Deptford Market Square on the right, and the green dome of the Planetarium, the trees and churches of Greenwich beyond the car park and the swimming pool and Deptford Creek and St. Paul’s Church, known beautifully as the jewel of Deptford, its stately spire illuminated after dark until the clock strikes twelve. ‘

The Boss.

‘Come on girl, get a move on.’

I was flapping like a pale butterfly, a Cabbage White at the end of a life, looking for an opening, for a way out. I‘m often afraid of the unknown, not yet lived hours to come. I want to stay at home, eat hot buttered toast and jam, drink wine, read a book, paint my toenails, play music, stare out of the window, or do nothing. Changing my mind about what I should wear.

Can’t make my mind up. 
’ ©


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