the singers tale- Recordings – ‘Mind the Gap.’ ©

Mind the Gap ©Carol Grimes

Mind The Gap Grimes/ Hrybowicz

Written when living in Tower Hamlets East London 1979 – 1993

Annie with her shopping Bag  gets mugged right on the High Street

Angry Harry in his Jag “Wheres all the decent people gone?”

But Harry doesn’t want no trouble, Harry don’t want no fuss-

he quickly puts his foot down – cause he would help but he doesn’t know how.

I don’t want to get involved, I need to catch my Bus

Mind the Gap

Mind my own business Mind the Gap Mind my own business.

Johnny lives in a cardboard box town, below a bridge on The River Thames

Mandy’s Train 6.10. from Bromley-

She feels the chill of Johnnys hands

The train goes past long rows of houses.

The train whistles by living rooms with TV Sets

Mandy would love to feed the starving

She will ease her conscience on the telethon

I don’t want to get involved I need to catch my Bus

Mind the Gap Mind my own business Mind the Gap Mind my own –

You and me in love and only seeing you and me alone

gentle breezes blow from the oceans somewhere a summit is taking place.

Where were we what were we thinking?

Were our lives just work and play?

Did we think this world of ours while we weren’t looking would blow up and away?

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