The Singers Tale- Film- Soul Britannia. filmed live at The Barbican in London.

A clip from a BBC 4 show, Soul Britannia

Cool Fire Water


Soul Britannia Allstars is a unique project featuring the cream of British soul & funk musicians and vocalists.

Celebrating the unique and often overlooked British scene of the 70s, this session brings together some of the founder members of this seminal scene including vocalists Linda Lewis, Carol Grimes, Average White Bands’s Hamish Stuart, and FBI’s Root Jackson.

Plus, there’s a cracking band featuring members of groundbreaking groups like Cymande and Gonzalez.

Cool Fire Water ©

Jesse’s drinking and talking wild again

beating out her life in dim lit bars and then –

She’s walking home alone to sleep gin dreams in vain

who’s gonna hold her in the morning

oh but then its sweet at night withy drink and company

a pack of cigarettes and money for a round or two


Give me that cool fire water –

I don’t wanna be alone pour me another one

Cool fire water in you i feel at home

Have you ever told a stranger with warm eyes and time to spare

the deepest secrets of your soul?

On her island of a table a bottle and two stools

Jesse’s feeling safety for an hour or two

embraced in bar room smoke low lights and drinking talk

Don’t think about those cold morning grey urban blues


Cool fire water


C.D Brothers On The Slide.

‘It’s a familiar scenario: an R&B scene, dominated by the commercial and creative clout of America, in which British acts struggle to find a place and a distinctive voice. Brothers On The Slide: The Story Of UK Funk (Sanctuary)*** harks back thirty years, and the parallels are unmissable. There are those who, at least briefly, match the Americans at their own game (Cymande, The Equals); those whose mimicry reveals their limitations (Jabba, Kokoma); and yet others who by accident or design come up with something identifiably their own (Carol Grimes, Linda Lewis)’.

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