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    1. Great take on a great song. Love your singing mi Amiga, hope you come through soon, sending you my good thoughts.

  1. Wonderful photographs! What a life story you have to tell Carol. Hope you are going to get major recognition – a large publishing deal, the documentary, the feature film. Such a slice of British history you have documented through word and song. Enjoying very much X

  2. Lovely view over your memories. Sadly. I don’t have anything like this as my Mum was a Foundling and my Dad’s family seemed to disconnect from theirs! x

    1. Know what you mean. I received these pics in my 40s from my Niece in New Zealand after the death of my Mother… and although I didn’t get to understand or know her, I didn’t ever meet my Father .. but you are so right, I do finally have some pics and a sense of history. I met my half-sisters, who are also estranged from each other and live on different continents New Zealand and the USA, it was not to be…Too much bad history & memories, sending hugs xxxx

    1. Yep, I’m trying to put all of my Archive…for kids and friends, and anyone who may be interested, so that I can get rid of the stupid number of places that stuff is backed up!± Google Photos so many, like messaging apps I lose track with all the favourites of each person!! I do occasionally apologise for them as I post! We have an overload of stuff! Soon be finished, I’ve already deleted Dropbox which was another place they all go to.

  3. Frankly, despite a 5,000 plus music collection, I had never heard of Carol Grimes, until I picked up a copy of Uncle Dog in a used vinyl shop. I’m always on the lookout for sidestream stuff. You’re on heavy rotation now!. Thanks for the music!

  4. You make marvellous complex beautiful spaces Carol Grimes. This is more than a song, a poem or a story, it’s a saga very well told and never ending

  5. I Love love you Carol. I’m Vicky. You were my tutor at City Lit, on a few courses. I’ve met Ivor & Margaret. Thanks to you!
    Both great singers. It would be lovely if we could all meet again. I went on one other course at City Lit. My tutor was Laura Zakian. Nowhere near as good as you. No talent. Her voice was nothing. It would be great if we could all meet up.
    I know you’re so busy. But my mob no:

    07946 731249

    It would be great if we could all meet up together.

    1. Oh, how overly.thank you so much.xx I was treated so badly at City Lit and after one too many insults from Della Rhodes I left! Sadly I had a run of bad luck 2005 -2010 and got priced out of my own home town & Now live on the coast in Folkestone. 55 mins on High speed 1 to St Pancras King X and 40 mins from Stratford East .. I still come up to London for the odd gig event. xxxxx Maybe you could do an outing together and have a sing beside the sea tiddly pom. c x

  6. Hi Carol, I hope that are keeping safe and well. After many years, with plenty of my time on my hands, due to being furloughed from work, I am getting round to listening to music I have not heard for years. I had a real treat today, when I heard We Got Time, from 1972 or thereabouts, by Uncle Dog. I knew Paul Kossoff had played on the track and was blown away by your vocals. Simple stunning, so interpretive of the words. Its now on my IPOD playlist called Fantastic Female singers.

    Good to see that you are still performing, great music never dies, its just ages beautifully

  7. Wow, this is an amazing (and inspiring) read, Carol. Thank you so much. I’m planning to watch the film White Riot tonight so I checked out the origins of RAR in 1976 and came across your name. I was an adventure play worker in London 1978-80 and that time is special to me, politically. Keep telling it!

  8. Oh My God!!! This is what called incredible…Seriously stunning and amazing. The thoughts behind creating it are amazing, I am in love with these sheds and the gardens, the flowers, and the furniture everything is magical.

  9. These snippets are so moving Carol, and your song ‘Mother’ is deep. You have such a beautiful singing voice, one of my few favourites.
    Strange how so many of us were neighbours, friends and visited so many times but never got to know what each of us has deep down inside. Your writing both reminds me of so much about back then almost 55 years ago, and takes me on a journey both deeply sad and hugely inspiring. Great to read your writing.

    1. Hi and thank you so much for your loverly words. Would be good to meet one of these days….I hope ypou and ypur beloveds are safe and well….. c x

    An introduction to a series of blogs about my experience during the pandemic of 2020.
    I am a 76 year old single woman. I moved from my home town, London, in 2010. It has not been easy. I have learned that old, old lesson. People, my adult children and friends are the more important in my life than possessions or location, location.

  11. As always insightful and powerful. Keep safe and strong and let’s do more socially distanced walks down to beach.

  12. I remember seeing Carol around the time of Eyes Wide Open at Shepherd’s Way in NI in the 90s with my friend Jean, both huge fans. Did you ever record Gdańsk? I love it. Was listening to EWO this week.
    When is the next live show we would love to see another show.

  13. Really interesting to see this comment. I was a student at City Lit and was also deeply insulted by Della Rhodes. It was appalling behaviour from a teacher and still she is tolerated by the powers that be there. My wife and I are long term fans of Carol Grimes and it was strange to note that even a superb professional singer could be insulted by that dreadful individual.

    1. Oh, I am so sorry she did that to you, I left after the last straw, insulting me in front of the pianist who was playing in my class, he looked very embarrassed. I had had enough. I miss the students. I loved the work. c

      1. Thanks so much for that supporting comment. I’m still smarting over that treatment despite the fat it was a few years ago. By the way I’m very friendly with a guitarist who was a member of your band when you played at Camden Lock many years ago. Ivor Goldberg but I guess many musicians have passed your way. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you perform again sometime, somewhere.

  14. Carol, thank you very much for your story about your early years career. Could you to help me to learn more about Babylon line up? Who is who no Babylon band photo? Thank you, Sasha.

  15. Of course you’re correct in your assumptions about modern music being homogeneously processed and packaged to a targeted mainstream audience of profoundly modified and manipulated sheep. Hence Romney Marsh being the prime choice of venue for the singers tale. Thanks for doing things differently.

  16. As always Carol you’re writing is wonderful and reading this was lovely and poignant. I can see how much love Louis and Ella brought you and Ella will for years to come. I’m so sad that Louis was so poorly but as least he didn’t suffer too much too long and he’s now at peace. Your friends and I include myself here and family will always be there for you and you are an amazing, inspirational vibrant strong woman. Sending huge love. 💜❤️

  17. thank You Carol! What a brilliant bit of History!And you did Well thru all these Years! GOD Bless!!

  18. Love your vocals with dear Paul Kossoff you are such a very lucky person to have met & known such an amazing guitar player. Number One in so many eyes

  19. Loved this Carol, and that church. Shame I couldn’t have heard you sing there in February – and to finally meet up!