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An introduction

Within the practice of Voice, Creative Arts & Movement, addressing the problems, which a person may have in their singing/speaking voice, can bring to the surface the adverse experiences which affect not just their voice but their whole lives; and working through these problems to release the supported, full range of their voice can also put them in touch with their own core and enable them to communicate fully with the outside world, with more confidence and a sense of self. I will cover many aspects of how we can all source our own resonate, clear and sonorous voice. 

1  The Dream  Interpretations Dream Songs 

I aim to explore the connections that the human voice has with both the conscious and the unconscious mind, intrinsically linking the past with the present, and expressed in the grain of the voice.

How the singing /speaking voice can be exemplified in dreams: in the unconscious. 

2   The extended voice: aspects of self.

How releasing the use of a more expressive and extensive voice can liberate the whole person’s ability to fully communicate. In confronting emotion and memory, that which often lies buried beneath the surface, we are facing the demons, singing/speaking the unspeakable. This raises the question of working with the voice at the Interface between the therapeutic, the holistic and the technical. 

 3.   The body. Its sensations and emotions.

The very specific link between releasing tensions in the body and the release of inner tensions, and the exploration of emotions. The voicing of those emotions. 

4.  Catharsis through song.

The performer. How things can go wrong if the singing voice, as in sometimes the case in the performing singer, is used as a singular substitute for confronting deeply rooted and submerged emotions. Presenting one aspect of self. 

Using Expressive Art. Songs & Poems. Improvisation & Masks. Dance & Movement. Words rhythm and rhyme.

‘ I am content to follow to its source
Every event in action or in thought; 
Measure the lot; forgive myself the lot! 
When such as I cast out remorse 
So great a sweetness flows into the breast 
We must laugh and we must sing, 
We are blest by everything, 
Everything we look upon is blest.’  W. B. Yeats. 

‘Yeats, W.B. From a Dialogue of Self and Soul.  Taken from Poem For the Day.  Anthology. 

Ed. Albery. Nicholas.

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