The Singers Tale – CREATIVITY & AGEING. Mental Health. LONELINESS? SOLITUDE? Six minds. Part 2

I’m in two minds, or is it three?

I’m in two minds, or is it three?

I’ve been invited to a party..

but I feel …. ?

I want to stay at home, alone.

You see, I can’t make up my mind.

To stay or leave?

 It seems to me…

..that I am nothing more than a deck of cards … 

scattered on the floor.

Knaves up, Queens down, all in disarray.

A game of chance, impossible to play.

Oh well, that’s that, too bad, so sad.

Now, I am spinning.

I’ve changed my mind.

Too late.

I am not winning?

I cannot find my?

Mojo? My reason?

I’m in two minds, or is it three or four or more?

Aha, so what?

She, who used to be so hot to trot.

Here’s the dress, there is the bed.

Dress? Bed?

In? OUT?

Shake it all about?

Where is the women dressed in flaming red?

A drink in her hand, a laugh on her lips.

The woman who loved to dance.

Who loved to sing.

To be out on a wing.

Blow me down with a feather….

What is to be done?

… she cannot get it all together.

She’s no fun.

And she has at least six heads, 6 minds ..

.. and she cannot make any of them up.

Not even one mind.

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