Write by the sea. Doorways to the sea.

A new anthology by Write by the sea. Folkestone.

An anthology https://folkestonewritebythesea.wordpress.com/

A Mermaid in a beach hut above by Annie Catford

Book cover Photo Lynette Merry. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B098PFFT78

An imp with a cunning plan. A courageous little speedboat. A group of fifty-somethings, gathering for a birthday reunion. Old bones. Old soldiers. Two scatty girls with a Ouija board. Mermaids, an enterprising seagull, Steampunk, HG Wells and a fossil hunter. All are waiting for you behind the doorways to the sea. Tales of love and loss, terror and bravery, unspeakable wickedness and redemption too. From the early days of Folkestone as a resort to a long, long time in the future. Put together during the coronavirus lockdown by Folkestone Writing Group, Write by the Sea. Contributors are Deborah Jones, Mark Brophy, Karen Marwood, A L Marchant, Caroline Boorman, Paul Robinson, Jana Chatters, Chani Barnes, Laura Ellison, Lynzy Heartfield, Erica Fortuna, Nigel Ripple, Anne Neville, Mary Leadbetter, Carol Grimes, Douglas Wade, Geoffrey Darrington, Naomi Dickinson, Nicholas Irwin, Carol Harte and photographer Lynette Merry.

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