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First released in 1986, Eyes Wide Open by Carol Grimes has recently been re-released. Recorded between Dec 85 and Feb 86 at Livingston Studios This jazz/blues/funk album is now available on all the usual streaming platforms.

Here’s the link on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/5PhHvtOFzWPXtdA67Spyzo or just search “Carol Grimes Spotify”.

Eyes Wide Open features musicians Mike Bradley (Drums, Percussion), Maciek Hrybowicz (Guitar), Steve Lodder (Keyboards)and Carol Grimes (Percussion, Vocals)

Track List

1 Your Blues

2 Mau-Mau

3 The Circus

4 Islander

5 Lonely, Broke & Randy

6 Work

7 Who Do You Want

8 Alexandria Dance

9 Cross That Line

10 Running Away

11 Appearances

The album was produced by Alastair Gavin for Note the Change Productions

“Your Blues” produced by Maciek Hrybowicz

Album Coordination Lesley Willis

Engineered by Simon Bohannon and Tony Harris

Assistant Engineers: Barry Clemson and Andy Butler

Remix engineer on “Your Blues” Jon Hiseman

Sleeve Design – GBU Design

Photographs: David Proud/Karen Douglas

Additional Musicians:

Mario Castronari (Double bass)

Andy Herbert (Electric bass)

Neville Murray (Congas, percussion)

Paul Nieman (Trombone)

Angele Veltmeyer (Flute)

The Kick Horns:

Simon Clarke (Alto and baritone sax, piccolo)

Roddy Lorimer (Trumpet,flugelhorn)

Tim Saunders (Soprano and tenor sax)

Backing Vocals:

Dyan Birch, Josefina Cupido, Didi Hopkins, Johnny Meringues, Hanna Wilson

Josefina Cupido – additional voice on “The Circus”

Carol Grimes continues to perform and record and enjoys considerable popularity and recently played at The Jazz Cafe in London. I’ll be sharing another re-released album with you later this week!


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Why Don’t They Dance?

I said I would share another treat with you this week, so here we go…the re-released Why Don’t They Dance by Carol Grimes

Recorded between between November 1988 and January 1999 it feature the following tracks:

1 Cool Fire

2 Turning The Worm

3 Why Don’t They Dance?

4 Mind The Gap

5 Hearts in My Hands

6 Two Step

7 Drive Me Crazy

8 Living For Life

9 Good Friends

Produced by Maciek Hrybowicz for SOUND PARTNERS

Mixed by Maciek Hrybowicz and Steve Lodder

The Band:

Carol Grimes – Vocal, Percussion, Whistling

Steve Lodder – Keyboards

Maciek Hrybowicz – Guitar, Harmonica

Mike Bradley – Drums, Percussion

Mario Castronari – Double bass

Janette Mason – Keyboards

Pete Thomas – Baritone and tenor sax, alto flute

Angele Veltmeijer – Tenor sax

Jim Dvorak – Trumpet

Sianed Jones – Violin

Robert Baily – Cello


Ian Shaw; Frannie Kapelle; Violet Williams; Jan Ponsford; Sami El Salahi; Mary Fagan

Horns on Cool Fire by Breakfast brothers:

Paul Nieman – Trombone

Noel Langley – Trumpet

Pete Whyman – Alto sax

Horn Arrangements:

Two Step – Steve Lodder

Cool Fire – Paul Nieman

Thanks to the following:

To Kasia @and Sam with love, Mcasso Music Productions, Richard Novell Sound Services, Steve Latham and Chris Massey for their generous loans of equipment. Mike Connaris for a lot of encouragement. To all the trucks in Bethnal Green for the sound effects.

Recorded and mixed November 1988 – January 1989 at Sound Partners. Drum kit recorded at David Hunt’s studio.

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