Write by the sea. Anthologies.

From one world to another…follow us, dear readers, on this fine early October morning through Doorway No. 16. Over this threshold, you will meet our very own sublime songstress and talented writer Carol Grimes who is spending a pleasant afternoon at her friend’s beach hut when who should walk in but…A MERMAID?

Not just any old mermaid, mind you. This one has a message – stop the thoughtless plundering and pollutions of our oceans. Join Carol and her new friend as they share their stories and adventures. From Folkestone to Argentina, and out to the Caribbean and Japan, with a hop, skip and a jump over to Sweden…

…And feast your eyes on Annie Catford’s wonderful artwork…

You can get your copy of Doorways to the Sea, by Write By The Sea, on amazon, and keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming readings.amazon link

– https://www.amazon.co.uk/Doorways-Sea-Write/dp/1916180159

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