The Singers Tale – Creativity & Ageing – BLUES. A scrapbook of Blue Memories.

Blue is the colour of Sky and Sea. Bluebells and Blue Tits. Old and faded Blue Denim Jeans & a Blue & White Breton Striped T shirt, a blue Bandana. A beloved blue jug, the blue and white Cornish ware & Delft ware. Willow pattern and old white enamel kitchen tins, bowls, plates and mugs- ringed with blue trim. I love all of those Blues. ‘Lavenders blue dilly dilly….’

Songs poems and pics on the run with my camera on my phone…freedom. Memories and thoughts. Around my blue world.

Indigo blue as the afternoon dips through dusk into night. Mood Indigo. The colour sings Blue. Delphinium, Larkspur, Wisteria, Bellflowers and Forget me not. Blue Lobelia glowing at dusk. Chefchaouen in Morocco. A city painted Blue. Blue Monet, Blue Van Gogh, painting himself in Blues. Glorious Blues.

‘Come on in my Kitchen, its bound to be raining outside.’

Threads I wore in the 1960s .. Still in my wardrobe….

Mood Indigo.

You ain’t been blue, no no no.

You ain’t been blue, ‘till you’ve had that Mood Indigo. 

That feeling goes stealing down to my shoes.

While I sit and sigh, go ‘long blues.

Always get that Mood Indigo, since my baby said goodbye.

In the evening when lights are low, I’m so lonesome I could cry.

‘cause there’s nobody who cares about me,

I’m just a soul who’s bluer than blue can be.

When I get that Mood Indigo, I could lay me down and die.

The Blues can render you inconsolable. Blues can make you cry.

But – Blue is the colour of my son’s eyes. Alice in Wonderland wearing her blue dress. Paddington Bear with his Blue Duffel Coat. All shades of blue run through rivers and lakes, brooks and streams. Blue is a colour painted in my dreams. Bountiful, life-full Blue.

Notting Hill Blues

A blue Bandana.

The River Thames Blues

London Blues

Bermondsey. The Biscuit Factory.

Spanish Blues Formentera


Primrose Hill Camden

Deptford Blues

My lovely Deptford flat London SE8 looking out on the roof tops.

My blue front door on The high Street.
Beloved Jane Gittens.

My Blue Door on Deptford High Street SE8 110L

Blackfriars Days

Folkestone Blues

‘They’ll be Blue Birds over the White Cliffs of Dover.’

Glorious Blues

‘The sea, the sky, and you and I, sea and sky and you and I, we’re all blues. all shades all hues, all blues.’ Oscar Brown Jnr. Lyrics to Miles Davis All Blues


In Japan.

Music in Blue.

Gigs in Blues

Hannah in her Blue skirt in the dressing room at The Drill Hall London.

David Sinclair. 01883-345790. Intl. (UK) +44 1883 345790

The Shout in Blue

New York in Blue

Sam in Blue. 1967.

Kasia Rose

Bangor in Blue

Blues in my place.

Tea for 5.

Choirs in Blue.

Sing For Joy


Pals in beautiful blues

Greek Blues

Benny in South Africa.

Blue Doors

The Door To The Cowshed Studio

Dungeness in Blues

Kasia & Harvey in New Zealand


Blues on the run.

Hythe Kent

Blues in Brixton

South Africa. Western Cape

Jura. Scottish Island.



  1. I Love love you Carol. I’m Vicky. You were my tutor at City Lit, on a few courses. I’ve met Ivor & Margaret. Thanks to you!
    Both great singers. It would be lovely if we could all meet again. I went on one other course at City Lit. My tutor was Laura Zakian. Nowhere near as good as you. No talent. Her voice was nothing. It would be great if we could all meet up.
    I know you’re so busy. But my mob no:

    07946 731249

    It would be great if we could all meet up together.

    1. Oh, how overly.thank you so much.xx I was treated so badly at City Lit and after one too many insults from Della Rhodes I left! Sadly I had a run of bad luck 2005 -2010 and got priced out of my own home town & Now live on the coast in Folkestone. 55 mins on High speed 1 to St Pancras King X and 40 mins from Stratford East .. I still come up to London for the odd gig event. xxxxx Maybe you could do an outing together and have a sing beside the sea tiddly pom. c x

  2. Really interesting to see this comment. I was a student at City Lit and was also deeply insulted by Della Rhodes. It was appalling behaviour from a teacher and still she is tolerated by the powers that be there. My wife and I are long term fans of Carol Grimes and it was strange to note that even a superb professional singer could be insulted by that dreadful individual.

    1. Oh, I am so sorry she did that to you, I left after the last straw, insulting me in front of the pianist who was playing in my class, he looked very embarrassed. I had had enough. I miss the students. I loved the work. c

      1. Thanks so much for that supporting comment. I’m still smarting over that treatment despite the fat it was a few years ago. By the way I’m very friendly with a guitarist who was a member of your band when you played at Camden Lock many years ago. Ivor Goldberg but I guess many musicians have passed your way. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you perform again sometime, somewhere.

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