The Singers Tale Creativity & Ageing – Pink. Gathering in. A scrapbook.

Sight is a glorious gift. Colour – ping! When I am looking, I am always looking, one colour will pop out from the others, singing the loudest, shining the brightest, one colour will catch my eye. As if that colour has a special glow in the scene. Star of the show. Ta DAH! Be it leafy green or a cool blue, a denim blue or hot orange, a soft grey, a golden yellow, a dynamic purple or a dangerous red. A brown speckled egg or a creamy Rose. Skies, seas, trees and blossom, mountains, rivers, peoples clothes, the colour of hair, a Hat a Dress, a pot of Geraniums on a window sill in the city, fighting the grey with its vibrant red or pink. Silver stars and indigo skies. Our Planet Earth, pops with colour.

My eyes. I’m struggling now. For a long time, a life time, from birth, my left eye was never any good. Now, it has almost given up. Plus Glaucoma and my poor old right working for two eyes for 75 years, cataracts, operated on in 2018, thank you NHS. Oh, how I took my eyes for granted, that I would always see.

When in Hospital with a long session of back surgery, in 2009, my hair turned white, overnight. 2010 was my pink year, my daughter bought me a Pink hair colour, and I loved it. Sometimes I feel like I have a mop of Candy Floss on my head. That year I wore orange a lot. From my years of Beatnik Bo – Ho / Black, to Pink and Orange in my dotage. Hey, why not?

Photo Left Sheila Burnett . Beatnik Black

I’m not taking special pictures, its part of my sorting through the thousands of pics backed up on many places since the Smart phone and apps arrived. Too many. So, I am compiling little scrapbooks and stories, using up what I have, and then deleting all the, not wanted back ups. When I look through, it is then that the colour pops up, as it did when I took the pic on the run. The colour that drew my eye. Or when taken by another, it is one colour or shade that pings.

Stanly Holloway.    Last verse 
I crawled in the street and I murmured,'I'm done.' 
Then up came Old Jenkins and shouted,'By gum!' 
'My word you do look well! 
My word you do look well! 
You're looking fine and in the pink!' 
I shouted, 'Am I?... Come and have a drink! 
You've put new life in me, I'm sounder than a bell. 
By gad! There's life in the old dog yet. 
My word, I do feel well!'

 A youtube These are the Popping Pink & The odd splash of purple!

Book Cover photo Bryan Wharton

The occasional splash of purple!

Winston & me before a Vortex Gig. 2019

Pink skies in Mile End 1983

Little Louis with pink feathers

Pink smoothies Greece 1994

My favourite Hat 1970s

My Hat on The shelf on my books

Photos below with best Hat – Terry Seymour

Above Photos Guy Cross

Photos above Terry Seymour

Friends with a pink painting in Margate

Mark Jennet & Annie whitehead. A day out in Margate 2020

Little Kasia Rose in Bethnal Green

Kasia in Cornwall

Photos of Baby Kasia in stripes – Sheila Burnett

Kasia in the sea with a splash of pink

Sam in Pink

Bedroom pinks

Front Room.

On the Harbour Arm Folkestone With Mark & Kasia.

Photo Howard

The Harbour Arm Folkestone

A day in Folkestone with Sacha and Steven, over from New Zealand.

The Leas Folkestone

Whitstable Kent

Dressing room at Lauderdale House in Highgate. My pink bag.

Photo on Leaflet Julia Maloof & beautiful Louis.

Pip’s Tipsy Tiara

Pink in the Garden

Pink in My Flat


Pink Hats on Deptford Market

Dungeness Kent

Folkestone pinks

Kasia & Sacha

Heidi in Blue.

Photo above Paul Griffiths

London Pinks

Photo above Kasia Rose Hrybowicz

Photo above Kasia Rose Hrybowicz

Pink In Bloomsbury Corams Fields

Pink in Kentish Town

Pink St. Pancras Station London

Pink in Japan


Pink In South Africa

Me & my Shadow

PINK shades – Gigs

Pops of Pink at The Drill Hall London 1980s

Choirs with pink

Poland Pinks

Larry Smart

Pink skies on The Leas
With Joe at Cowshed Studios recording CD called Mother with Ian Shaw

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