The Singers Tale- Recordings – Sparrow

London Tales A Sparrow. © A poem to song. Recorded in Minnis Bay Kent & produced by Jennifer Maidman. A film by Margaret Kemp.

A London Sparrow.

He is a torn and tattered thing –

tiny bird,with broken wing.

A beating heart which flutters in his breast.

He flies, he tries to reach the stars.

His body has no strength 

His throat is full- 

no song upon his tiny tongue,     

spinning in circles, adrift in a silent flight.

Night sky,  scorched orange, urban light-

obscuring the stars.

On winters icy winds  

a vertical descent— wings split-

eyes blind, voice mute above the city,

a tiny unseen bird, amongst a million seeking refuge. 

A tiny bird, without a song.

he longs to sing, to fly on wings as delicate as ancient lace, 

with the strength of an eagle, 

fleeting flight in grace.

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