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Women in the 1960/70s Counter Culture

Cinema and Television History (CATH) Research Cinema YouTube channel.  

Live discussion with some of the key women who were there – including Julie Felix, Carol Grimes, Jenny Spires and Jill Drower – will be followed by a screening of the searing Dope (1968, 90 mins). This study of a woman who turns to heroin use was co-directed by the American film-maker, Diane Rochlin (now Flame Schon), and shot in the haunts of Hippy London in 1967.

The late 1960s appeared filled with revolutionary possibilities, but were they for women? Breaking through the myths and stories of sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, freedom and flower power, this event will offer a frank examination of the experience of creative women innovating and experimenting amidst the turbulent upheavals shaking London.

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