The Singers Tale- recordings – ‘Lonely Broke & Randy.’

Lonely, broke and Randy

Lonely Broke And Randy / Grimes/Hrybowicz  CD ‘Eyes Wide Open’

Sitting in a Bus Shelter

I hope the last one hasn’t gone – the night seems so dark and forlorn.

Written on the walls are the names and all the scrawls of people past and gone.

I take a drink and try to think, now did Mandy love Paul?

And did that Anarchist believe the world would hear the call?

I want to add my name and play the age-old game

But in truth, I write

Lonely Broke and Randy.

I take a bus to anywhere pay my fare and set me down –

the early light seems far too bright for me

I wash my face and comb my hair in a public place but there’s nobody there – in the mirror all I see is me.

Pay a penny to lock the door and written there for all to see was Mary so alone –– that she was never loved at all.

I want to add my name and play the age-old game –

– but in truth, I write –

Lonely broke and Randy

Its all anonymous on the walls of the world.

Did George really kill or was he innocent of the crime?

I hope Pauline finds the woman she has in mind?

Do all these lonely people find each other?

Do you read the words and wonder why?

Or do you laugh and never write it down – you couldn’t if you tried

But you’re lonely broke and randy –


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