The Singers Tale – Recordings-Eyes wide open.

My Songs- Carol Grimes © Work (it’s a Fundamental Right)

1980s Bethnal Green, Art Work on CD and Poster Karen Douglas

Work   Grimes/Hrybowicz © CD Eyes Wide Open 

Sitting on a wall in my hometown

Looking through a mirror – see tomorrow on the ground –

Got nowhere to go.

Filling up the hours with a TV screen – am I a failure?

Don’t seem to fit the whole world scheme –

Why not?

Work, it’s a fundamental right.

Looking West looking East -travel light

Forget the beast a new way of trying.

What they have is for themselves we are uninvited to the feast.

And people are dying.

They close the doors, there’s no work around here, I say – Political Lying

Forget what’s yours don’t make a sound-

Why not?

Can you Ski on Butter Mountains – do we swim in Milky Lakes?

Those tons of grain they store  – could feed a million mouths.

I can see it  – can you see it?

Why not? Work is a Fundamental right.

Art Work on CD and Poster Karen Douglas

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