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A precious day in June with Marc Chagall and Gavrielle, I finally got to see the windows in the Church that I have longed to see for many years. I don’t drive and some places are hard to get to. Thank you Gavrielle for finally getting me there. Marc Chagall and Gavrielle

I was shocked, in a wonderful way, when we entered the church- not one window, as I had assumed, every window! Glowing with glorious colours images, imagination and spirituality. I was in a Wonderland.

My homage to Marc Chagall

The Dance.

I imagine that we,
have never agreed
to go our separate ways.
I’m not drowning in water,
my body not porous
as only the lonely can be.
I am flying in heavenly moments,
not counting the time or the cost.
don’t wait for me,
you will not see
the one you assume was lost.

verse 2
Dizzy wants to dance
Strike up the band,
under a round yellow sun
twisting turning
she’s yearning for love
to the beat of her personal drum
she gave her heart
to a red fiddler.
a blue violin tucked under his chin,
a ring in his nose, a dance in his toes
they dance till the notes run dry.

Long into is the night
she spins delirious
blue notes on the wind
lets dance all three,
the Cockerel, the Fiddler, the artist and Dizzy
they dance till the notes run dry……

verse 3

Dizzy you see wanted to be
a Gypsy, tipsy with the dance.
Whirling twirling with a cockerel as purple
as damsons in Autumn, all ripe with the sun.
The artist slips sunbeams,
into smiles as he shows her
a bouquet of flowers red yellow and blue
for this woman as green as the leaves in the morning,
after a shower of rain.

Long into the night
she spins delirious
blue notes on the wind
lets dance all three,
the cockerel
the fiddler the artist and Dizzy
dance till the notes run dry……

A special day xxx

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