The Singers Tale – Recordings -‘Steps.’ ©

Singing for your life. Dream songs. © Steps.

Steps. ©

Let me come in said the face with the terrible grin,

I’m on hot tin, I can’t begin to cry. 

Why oh why ?  The sad girl cried-

climbing through the frame to reach the other side.

verse 2

She sighed and cried again beside the broken pane 

and behind a wall – I’m not surprised at all.

My voice is screaming on the inside.

I’m on my own desolation row you know.

verse 3.

Collecting my thoughts from a hole in my head. 

I wonder who is this underneath my bed.

Are you the ghost with the most, my host for tonight?

When do we ride and what’s the price for leaving?


Let me sing my song for you.

Its so hard to tell it-

day by day by life

and word by painful word.

Let me sing it to you, do you have a moment for me please … Do you ?

verse 4.

You are laughing at me, pointing fingers in me-

regarding me inside with you bottomless eyes –

in which I see, absolutely nothing.

Do you want to talk with me ?

Come quickly I’m falling.

verse 5.

I’m walking towards the edge of the sky –

the air has held her breath.

Hello stranger tell me, are you in danger too?

tell me who are you and where do you come from? 


Let me sing my song for you……………. “  

Dreams & Interpretations.

Another dream became a song called Steps, written almost word for word as the dream was revealed in the unconscious mind, and remembered on waking. The elements of the demonic aggressor and the inner voice in torment, were present, it is a recurring theme, although  experienced within a different domain.

 The sepulchral atmosphere of that dream took a long time to fade from my mind.  The fear exists as a disturbing and menacing  presence. The “ Slug Man “  a recurring abhorrent and unearthly image in my memory, upsetting the lucidity of my well being in those moments that the image surfaces to become uppermost.

My throat constricts as the image invades, inducing the sensations of being stifled or choked, It remains an occasional cruel presence in my conscious waking state, and as I drift into sleep, into unconsciousness, the image will often reappear, haunting my sleep, and invading unknown and uncharted dreams. The potent feelings of needing to shout, to scream, to voice my needs, a powerful reminder of the human necessity to vocalise, to express emotions. To be Heard. 

The dream, or the nightmare, those unconscious experiences, have a constant effect on the spirit, or the soul, invading the conscious experience. Frequently, the image of the mouth wide open in a helpless silent scream, has surfaced in the worst of my  dreams. This image has been explored and depicted by many artists, famously by Munch, in his painting.  The Scream. The fact that the voice is the primary means of expression and connection with others, serves as a dreadful and demonic allegiance to the terror of not being heard of not being understood….. of being silenced or struck dumb. 

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