Creativity & Ageing – Margate. David Mossman.

A Day for David in Margate- bitter sweet – so sorry- so- so sad – a day for Family & friends, and most of all, for Lesley.

Margate & a week in May 2019

Memories, much music, love and laughter- sunny day- seaside -seagulls-blue skies for David -singers galore -glorious guitarists- Loverly – loverly – but – so many dear friends are going. I will miss you David, with your mischievous grin and mass of energy. Farewell dear man. xx

below- These are some of Mark Hewins Photos

Sarah Jane Morris Jennifer Maidman and Annie Whitehead

A Table with 3 singers a Trombonist and a Guitarist- Photo Mark Hewins
Annie Whitehead Mark Hewins Sarah Moule, Norman Winston. CG (me) Simon Wallace was there too- but he was not in this Photo.

Annie – Jennifer & Me and perhaps a future recruit?

Some of my pics below

with Jennifer Maidman and Annie Whitehead

Mark Hewins photo above, silly me!

We were listening to Monica Vasconcelos – Ife Tolentino and Annie Whitehead

Mark’s Smart Hat – top right pic

Dear Annie and Ife

Introducing – London’s Listening Jazz Club – DAVID MOSSMAN

Rest in Peace David.. you were loved.


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