Creativity & Ageing – Margate. David Mossman.

A Day for David in Margate- bitter sweet – so sorry- so- so sad – a day for Family & friends, and most of all, for Lesley.

Margate & a week in May 2019

Memories, much music, love and laughter- sunny day- seaside -seagulls-blue skies for David -singers galore -glorious guitarists- Loverly – loverly – but – so many dear friends are going. I will miss you David, with your mischievous grin and mass of energy. Farewell dear man. xx

below- These are some of Mark Hewins Photos

Sarah Jane Morris Jennifer Maidman and Annie Whitehead

A Table with 3 singers a Trombonist and a Guitarist- Photo Mark Hewins
Annie Whitehead Mark Hewins Sarah Moule, Norman Winston. CG (me) Simon Wallace was there too- but he was not in this Photo.

Annie – Jennifer & Me and perhaps a future recruit?

Some of my pics below

with Jennifer Maidman and Annie Whitehead

Mark Hewins photo above, silly me!

We were listening to Monica Vasconcelos – Ife Tolentino and Annie Whitehead

Mark’s Smart Hat – top right pic

Dear Annie and Ife

Introducing – London’s Listening Jazz Club – DAVID MOSSMAN

Rest in Peace David.. you were loved.


    1. He is so missed… At least singing at his wake at the Vortex has prepared me for no David there…but he will always a special corner in my heart

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