The Singers Tale- Recordings-‘Spring time in Whitechapel.’ ©

SWEET F.A. Recorded in Sweden

Written in 1979 whilst living in Bethnal Green, E2, Tower Hamlets, London.

Verse 1

Scarred face in the moonlight –

wind blows with a hard bite –

Darkness falls, just another night.

Out I crawl, am I feeling right?

I don’t know why I hide myself away?

I can’t seem, just can’t seem to face the day.

I feel exposed in every way.

Verse 2

Pushing through a hard crowd.

Daylight streets, traffic so loud.

Faces low and faces proud,

nerves are shot makes me wanna howl.

Cant face the day that’s a pity.

Dust in my eyes feels very gritty –

scratch my eyes, don’t look very pretty.

Verse 3

Noon time and the sun is hot.

People search for a green spot.

One hour, that’s all they have got –

one hour, on the shop and office clock.

Seems to be, the way it seems

Oh, how it wont let me be because –

A bug eyed monster will not let me see –

on my shoulder sits a great big G.


There’s a monster in the City

Will it catch me, oh fright.

Will it get me and never, ever let me go?

Going round round round

Life – it ain’t so pretty Living in the city.

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