The Singers Tale Creativity & ageing -Threads.

An old Levi Jacket Folkestone 2020

Below. Wearing it on stage at The Roundhouse 1976

My Sparkles waistcoat in Folkestone 2020

Bought this on Portobello road and customised it. The little brass coins were on it. I added embroidery and a patch. I loved a patch.

In a dressing room 1971

My Polish coat Folkestone 2020

My Polish coat in Bethnal Green 1989

A beautiful dress, bought on Portobello Road 1979

My dress in 1980s

Jacket Folkestone 2020

Berlin 1988


Hats 1960/70s

Hats 1970s


Berets 2016 / 2020

Hats 1980s

Hats 1990s

Hats 2000s

Beads, Baubles & Bangles


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